Friday, February 12, 2010

Sola Scriptura

As Pentecostals our emphasis is on having a personal experience (subjective) with the Holy Spirit.  But many fault us for not having a true Biblical (objective) understanding of the Holy Spirit.  The people in the Bible had great experiences with God long before they were able to write about it.  Moses met God at a burning bush before God gave him lessons he would later report and record.  Isaiah experienced God in the Temple long before he understood the things he would later see and reveal.  And what about Paul (Saul), whose first-hand revelation of Jesus on the road to Damascus set him on the road to discovering truth, preaching the same and establishing churches. The watchword for all Christians should be Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone)!  The investigation of Scripture will ultimately lead us to the truth that will guide us as we walk with God.

This Sunday we begin a series of messages entitled "The Essence of Pentecost."  I am determined throughout this six-week series to examine the Scripture and to reveal its truth about the Holy Spirit.  The objective is to create an awareness, perhaps an appetite for His presence and power in your own life. I hope you will join us and invite a friend; together may we gather with an open mind and spirit.   

I welcome your comments.  You may post them at will on this blog spot.  Thank you!  

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Speaking of cravings permit me to ask a couple of questions. Does God's love for us stir a longing that makes us want to know Him? Is it a craving that is never truly satisfied? Heschel wrote, "He who is satisfied has never truly craved." John wrote, "We love because He first loved us!" Maybe, just maybe, God's love f...or us does not satisfy but only intensifies the desire to know Him more. Care to comment?